I am an on location photographer, which means that I will come to you - to your home, the park, the lake, or anywhere else you have in mind. By offering location portrait photography services, I create more personal photos by connecting with my subjects in a place you are most comfortable.

My photography style is honest, natural, and unrehearsed. I believe the beauty and grace of a portrait comes from emotion....curiosity, surprise, wonder... so I strive to capture natural and authentic expressions of your family that reflect a full range of emotion. a smile, yes, but also those expressions of contemplation, consternation, and sheer joy.

A typical portrait session is free-flowing and spontaneous, where there is preparation but not formal staging.

In general, keep clothing simple - neutral, solid colors are great for both black and white and color portraits. However, bright colors and fun outfits can add to the personality of a portrait. For group photos, it's best to keep the tone of colors the same, but clothes don't need to match. I'm happy to discuss clothing choices in detail before your portrait session.


Pregnancy portraits capture one of the most precious moments of your life. I understand the magic of this transformation and will work with you to capture the miracle of your pregnancy in a way you will cherish. Your entire family is encouraged to participate.

I recommend plain clothing with no logos. We want to emphasize your beautiful shape and busy clothes can be distracting

I always take the time before each session to discuss the sort of portrait that you want to have before we start. Some moms-to-be want to celebrate their bump fully clothed and others are comfortable being photographed partially nude, or discreetly draped. Both produce beautiful results.

However you chose to be photographed, the end result will be a beautiful piece of art that will celebrate the wonderful nine month journey that you are going through.

I prefer to photograph using natural light, which is a consideration when setting up a session appointment. After the session, photographs are individually retouched and enhanced.



If you are having a newborn/child session then we will work at your young one's pace. I understand how unpredictable children can be and it is my aim to work in such a way that your little one has fun.

Newborn sessions are best between 0-3 weeks and are best in plain one piece outfits (or naked). Baby sessions are relaxed and in a "go with the flow" format and usually last about 2-3 hours (including setting up). Keep a change of clothes and diapers on hand!

For older children I have found that the best images are produced when the session is fun. Getting children to laugh is one of the things that I love about my job...and I don't believe that simply pointing a camera in a child's face and saying "say cheese" is going to get the photos that you want.

The best images are produced when the children are relaxed, comfortable and happy. Overly posed or staged smiles usually end up with gritted teeth and squinty eyes. Weather permitting, I prefer to photograph older children outdoors, where they are free to play and be themselves.


Session Fee: starting at $75 for 1-2 individuals

The session fee includes:
*The portrait session
*A private online gallery of images from your session
*Time to review and select photos for displaying in your home
*Custom editing and conversion to B&W, if desired

All prints and specialty items are priced a la carte. Please contact me for specific details.



Susan Stevenson Photography

is based in

Fairbanks / North Pole Alaska.