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Sunday, November 4th - A Month of Gratitude

So dull and dark are the November days.
The lazy mist high up the evening curled,
And now the morn quite hides in smoke and haze;
The place we occupy seems all the world.

~ John Clare, November ~

Last year, throughout the month of November, I vowed to think of at least one thing I was grateful for, throughout the month. Too often we concentrate on those things which are sad and stressful, without remembering all those things which bless us in our lives. I decided I will keep the November daily gratitude journal this year too. Since you already know that my husband and my children mean the world to me, it's not necessary to mention them in these daily entries - as I am thankful for them every day of my life!

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Thursday, November 8th - Winter Landscapes, Beautiful Sunsets, & Gratitude

“If a given combination of trees, mountains, water, and houses, say a landscape, is beautiful, it is not so by itself, but because of me, of my favor, of the idea or feeling I attach to it.”
~ Charles Baudelaire ~

The last few days went by very quickly. Steve was off from work and I loved having him home with me. We took care of a lot of errands together, and went for a drive up the Steese Highway on Tuesday. We also had a most wonderful dinner at Lavelle's Bistro later that evening, using a $100 gift card that Steve got from his company, as a reward for not losing any time for accidents for the last quarter. Every employee received this gift card (a Visa card that could be used anywhere), and we decided to use it on a splurge, rather than something sensible.

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Wednesday , November 14th - Busy Busy!

I have been very busy over the last week. (I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've updated this journal!) I've spent a lot of time mounting, matting, and framing photos, and also working on my gallery website - which needs a total makeover since I have new photos to add to it, and photos to remove from it.

On Friday (the 8th), I originally made plans to run errands, but then seemed to lose my energy - opting instead to stay inside and do house chores and photo work. However, the day turned out even better than I anticipated, and I didn't have to look any further than my yard.

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Wednesday , November 21st - Still very, very busy!

It's sure been awhile! Let's start with all the gratitude entries I missed:

November 15th Gratitude: Today I am thankful for HEAT! It's currently -8F here in North Pole! BRRRRR!!!! When I opened the sliding glass doors to feed the birds, it was frozen and I had to give it a yank to get it to open. The garage doors have been making a *POP* sound as the panels fold when the door's on its way up, when the ice breaks loose between them. There is a layer of ice at the bottom of the garage doors where the water that has dripped off of Steve's thawing truck has frozen. This is only the beginning... But how thankful that my house is nice and warm! I'm also thankful for radiant heat in my wood floors. I love walking barefoot on a warm floor.
November 16th Gratitude: Today I am thankful for STASH Licorice Spice Herbal Tea. My friend Celeste gave me two tea bags to sample, and I'm hooked. I just love black licorice (Steve hates it) and this tea is really tasty and caffeine free, so I can enjoy it in the evening too. STASH teas are delicious! My other favorite is the Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea.
November 17th Gratitude: Today I am thankful for the talented folks at the FLOT (Fairbanks Light Opera Theater). What a fabulous show we saw last night! (We saw the musical, Oklahoma) It never ceases to amaze me that Fairbanks - for being a relatively *small* town - can put on such entertaining performances. This is the fourth musical I've attended here, and all have been top-notch.
November 18th Gratitude: Today I am thankful for having a husband who likes to cook. If not for him, we'd both starve!
November 19th Gratitude: Today I am thankful for butterscotch cocoa. (It's one of the flavors in the Land O' Lakes assortment carton of cocoas) I stayed up all night working on photos and it kept my energy levels up. It is really, really, good! I think I like it more than the raspberry cocoa.
November 20th Gratitude: I've had several invites to Thanksgiving dinner from local friends - a few who were worried that Steve is working and I'll be alone. Getting the invites via email and telephone made me feel loved. I'm blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.
November 21st Gratitude: Today I am thankful that my husband is off tomorrow (last minute decision from his boss!) and we'll be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner at 3pm instead of 7pm. I'm really looking forward to having him here while I prepare dinner. But mostly I'm looking forward to sleeping in with him tomorrow morning.

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Friday, November 30th - A New Photo Gallery

I apologize immensely for my absence. It has been a rough couple of weeks for me. I have literally stayed up all night long working on my new web gallery and organizing photos to display at First Friday. For all intents and purposes, my Gallery is finally published to the web!

If you find any glitches, or broken links, please let me know about them. Also, if you're on dialup, you're going to find some of the gallery pages slow-loading due to all the thumbnails there. I'm using a feature called "lightbox" to have my photos display in a slideshow. Unfortunately this feature won't work if all of the thumbnails haven't loaded. In that case, you can still see enlarged versions of the thumbnails, but they will open up in another window, rather than in a neat and automated slide show.

I've eliminated some photos from my old gallery, and added some more to this gallery. I hope to keep this one better updated as time goes on. However, if you see a photo here in this journal, but it's not in the gallery, that doesn't mean it's not available for print. Just ask!

Anyone local who reads me, I would love if you could stop by WILLOW CREEK CLOTHING, located on 12th - between Lacey and Cushman. Just stop in and say hello, and introduce yourself if we haven't met. My photos will be on display from 5pm - 8pm, but Steve and I will be there setting up at 3pm.

I still have tons to do between now and next Friday, and I still have to compose my Christmas newsletter for friends and family, as well as get holiday cards and packages ready to go to the post office. I fear I will never be done!

Steve and I took a little drive around town today. It was the first time I've left the house in a week. Needless to say, I had to get out and breathe some fresh air and feel the cold against my skin. We even stopped at Birch Hill to watch the snowboarders. I took some photos, but don't have time to download them yet. I will probably post them next month (hard to believe that tomorrow is NEXT MONTH!)

Thank you for your patience. Once January 1st comes I hope to be back to regular journaling and photo posts.

Until next time...


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©2007 Susan L Stevenson