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Website Design & Development for all types of businesses, organizations & creative projects. I create every customer's site from scratch. I do not use pre-existing templates for designs at all, so your site will be 100% unique. Each site is custom designed according to your specifications along with my recommendations and artistic eye.

I offer a FREE estimate and will do my best to estimate the number of hours your project will take based on all the information we have. If the job runs over, my hourly rate will be charged for that additional time.

FREE FTP (file transfer protocol). I will transfer your web site to your hosting provider.

HOSTING and REGISTRATION. I will walk you through the process and help you each step of the way.

OPTIMIZED GRAPHICS & Image Compression. I'll take your existing graphic files, or mine, and shrink the size to lightning fast download times.

META TAGS. After researching your area of business online and determining your company's catch phrases or terminology with your help, I will create meta tags for all your pages.

COPY OF WEB SITE and materials on CD Rom.

SECURITY. I will never share your information with anyone else. I will keep your information on file for only you to retrieve at any time.

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