February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

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“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile,
the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.” – unknown

This is my and Steve’s 19th Valentines Day together. Valentines Day isn’t as big a ‘to-do’ for Steve and I, as it is for other folks. We don’t buy cards for each other anymore, nor do we go out to dinner.  It’s been many years since Steve presented me with chocolates. It’s not necessary. In fact, the holiday isn’t necessary either. When you love someone, you should treat them as if everyday is Valentines Day. We try to do that.

Last night, Steve stopped on the way home from work and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. He knows that I prefer mixed flowers and wildflowers over roses. They bring a beautiful touch of color to the house. I hope they last a long time. Steve is such a sweetheart!



This week was a good one for photography.  On Thursday night, around 7:30pm, my friend Lori called me to tell me the northern lights were out. I looked out in the yard and could see the green glow low on the horizon through the trees. I was surprised to see them so early in the evening, as they usually don’t show up until midnight or while I’m sleeping.

I took some photos from the road, and then snapped a couple from the back deck, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the full array of the lights because the trees around our property were blocking them.  I came inside with my camera, and Steve asked me how things were going. I lamented that the trees were blocking my view and how much better it would be if I were out on Nordale Road where the open fields are.

Steve had been up since 3am that morning and had to get up at the same time the next morning, but he didn’t hesitate to ask me if I wanted him to drive me out there. I really didn’t expect him to do that, but of course I was thrilled! We quickly pulled on some warm clothes and headed out.

The lights were arcing from one end of the sky to the other, with a thick band of green directly in front of us. Clouds in the sky added texture to the scene. We spent about 45 minutes parked out there. Steve stayed in the truck, watching through the windshield, while I snapped away. What a gorgeous night!

This is one of the pano photos I took from Nordale Road:

And here’s another shot from Nordale Road: