February 17, 2010

Beautiful Aurora!

Filed under: Everyday Life,Photography — Susan Stevenson @ 1:21 pm

The night after I posted my last entry with the aurora photos taken from Nordale Rd, the lights came out again. This time, because it was later in the evening, I stayed home and photographed them from my driveway and the road.

They started out much like the night before, with a low arc across the sky. But then, as the minutes went by, they went higher in the sky and widened. Soon, there were several bands of green directly overhead, dancing in the sky and brightening the night. The orange glow you see in the photos is reflected city lights from Fairbanks and Fort Wainwright. They weren’t as bright as they look in the photos, but with long exposures, they appear so.

Standing in my front yard:

I thought it would be neat to include the flag in this photo taken from our front porch: