February 22, 2010

A Lot of Photos!

Filed under: Everyday Life,Photography — Susan Stevenson @ 5:11 pm

It has been a busy week for photos. And the weather has been absolutely beautiful. We’ve seen high temps in the low 40s at times, with most days seeing 30s.  Add in blue skies and sunshine, and conditions were perfect for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.


The Annamaet Gold Run Race includes skijoring and four, six, and 10-dog mushing classes. The skijorers started running at 11am, with the mushers following. This is the race that Steve and I took Kayla and Colt to last year, when they came for a visit.

The sun was shining brightly – almost too brightly for capturing photos at the start of the race. After shooting a few frames of the skijorers, Steve and I drove to a spot where we could walk onto the frozen lake and take photos from an area sheltered from the bright sun.

We could hear the countdown for each musher echoing through the trees, and after hearing “GO!”, it took about 30 seconds for the musher and team to come into view.  We were a couple of riders into the four-dog class, and despite hearing “GO!”, no musher came into view. And then, off trail and in the distance, we saw dogs and a sled racing across the ice and snow. It seems the musher had fallen off and the dogs did what they love most – they kept on running!

A snowmachine was dispatched to catch the dog team and empty sled, and didn’t have too much of a problem bringing them back to the start.

Musher Stacy Lanser met the runaway team on her way to the finish line, at about the same time the snowmachine caught up with them: