March 9, 2013

Ice Alaska – Amazing Sculptures!

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It’s Ice Alaska Time, and as always, I purchased a season pass so that I could visit the park as many times as I want this month.

I went to the park last Friday for the first time. I missed the actual carving of the single block sculptures, but enjoyed walking through the single block ‘forest’ to view them in natural light, and then a few hours later under colored lights.

My friend Linda volunteers at the park, and is an awesome guide as she knows all the ice artists, and took the time to introduce me to many of them. She met me at the gate that day, and led me through the trees – telling me little stories about the sculpture or the artists that created the art. It was very interesting to get this behind the scenes tour from someone who has been a part of the event since before the first blocks were harvested.

About an hour after arriving, one of the local belly dance troupes performed. Tundra Caravan is a beautiful group of Middle Eastern dancers, of which my instructor Souzana is a member/leader.  It was a very chilly (chilly to Alaskans; downright cold to anyone who doesn’t live here!) afternoon, and these ladies were wearing next to nothing as they danced for the gathering crowd. Their colorful costumes were stunning against the bright white snow. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and I know everyone in attendance did too.

New Life - There's a baby in the belly Artist Choice Award Melody of Fish Soul
Nautilis Visitor of the Sun ShadOnnay
Topless Dancing Rascasse Mother Nature
Blue Ballet A Sailor's Fortune Octopus Garden
Man O War Portal Behind the scenes
Dancer Shana Teresa Souzana and Melanie
Dancer Desi Desi Body Heat between dances
Dancers Desi, Danielle, Teresa and Shana Tundra Caravan Dancers Tundra Caravan
Melanie Souzana and her Isis Wings Souzana and her Isis Wings
Souzana and her Isis Wings Desi Stephanie
Stephanie Desi Melanie

Earlier this week, I returned to the ice park with my friend Amanda and her son Marc. Again, Linda met us and took us around to watch the multi-block artists hard at work creating the big sculptures. The day started out a little overcast, but then the clouds cleared out and brilliant blue sky appeared. By the time we left the park, the sun was shining and there were quite a few families there, enjoying the ice slides and other kiddie sculptures.

I can’t wait to go back to the park to see the completed multi-block sculptures (tonight!) for photos of them under lights. These artists are absolutely amazing, and I am so happy that they are willing to do this for us here in Fairbanks. It’s such an awesome event!

Here are photos I took a few days ago:

This ice disk is in front of the park This is where the ice is harvested from Single Block Sculpture - Northern Lights Switch
This is the 1st Place Winner of single block sculptures - LOCUST UNSTOPPABLE - USA Multi Block Snow flies all over a carver hard at work
The artists use everything from chain saws to drimmel tools This is Russian artist Viacheslav Maksimov working on the sculpture The Dream of the Sky You can see Dream of the Sky in this photo. I look forward to seeing it finished.
Extreme Ice - China, Mexico, and US artists Chain saw carving This is called HOPE and is being carved by Russian artists
A woman sharpens chain saw blades Singing in Unison - Russia, Monaco, Japan, and US Warriors of the Lost World - Philippines and USA
On My Way Home - China, USA The Great Escape - Japan, USA Artist Shinichi Sawamura refers to the photo for the sculpture The Great Escape
Crevasse - USA Plans for the sculpture STRIKE - USA Ice Carver Thomas Stugart - USA
Hunting Dragons - USA Hunting Dragons close up - USA Cabin and Lanterns
Moving Ice Turquoise Ice Helicopter over Ice Castle Facade


Some of my favorite portrait sessions are maternity photos. There is nothing so beautiful as a woman heavy with child and a couple excitedly awaiting the birth of their baby.

This is Alyssa and Allen, taken about two weeks ago. I am happy to announce that baby Harley was born just five days ago – a beautiful and healthy baby girl!

Congratulations to you both!


Until next time…



  1. HI Susan, thanks so much for the wonderful photos of the ice sculptures. I love the the natural lighting accents you have used. Very talented artists. Does it attract international artists as well as local? We are just starting to get colder mornings here (NZ) and have our first drought in years.


    Susan Stevenson Reply:

    Hi Jenni, and I apologize for not responding to your comment. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words.

    The ice art championship does indeed draw artists from all over the world. I am working on updating my blog today, which will include finished photos of the multi-block sculptures. You will see that several countries besides the USA are represented.

    Thanks for reading!


    Comment by Jenni — March 10, 2013 @ 10:00 am

  2. HI glad to see all the pics of the ice sculptures. I wiched i cool do something like thet but i guess we all do have some nitch and mine is paiences to do what i do, ha ha ha Our event here wae kind of so so this year but loved all the pics you took. They really do a great job. THANKS SO MUCH !!!!!


    Comment by Bruce Rufer — March 10, 2013 @ 4:14 pm

  3. Hi Susan, the ice sculptures are amazing, there are so many talented people out there. I love the Belly Dancers. Every Saturday, the Belly Dancers practice at the Community Center, that’s when I come to get on the Computer,LOL.


    Comment by John — March 13, 2013 @ 3:03 pm

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